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  Castelluccio History
Castelluccio wine estate was born in the 70s, with the winemaking consulting of the enologist Vittorio Fiore.

The first 6 hectares of vineyards were realized with innovative and important techniques for those times, that soon achieved impressive results, as the birth of wines as Sangiovese Ronco delle Ginestre and the acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc, Ronco del Re, all single vineyard wines.

In 1999 Vittorio Fiore, involving his brothers Ermanno and Gianmichele and his son Claudio - also an enologist - buys the quotes majority, joining the previous company structure, made by the same Diego Amaducci, Gianalfredo Bernabucci, Remigio Bordini and Augusto Valentini.
Vittorio, who in early '80s created Castelluccio's wines as consultant and personally contributed to the Estate's success - that soon reached international fame - insures a very important technical support, thanks to his expertise and professionalism.
Castelluccio has always been considered the first innovative Estate in Romagna.
Geographical Location

Castelluccio is over Modigliana Hills, between Faenza and Forlí, at an altitude ranging from mts 250 to mts 500 (ft. 750 to ft. 1500). We are in that Romagna area historically named "ANCIENT TUSCANY", as until the 30s it belonged to nearby Tuscany.

The Vineyards
Castelluccio total extension is about fifty hectares (122 acres) with:

• 12 hectares (29 acres) vineyards
•   2 hectares (5 acres) olive groves
• 36 hectares (88 acres) woods/sowable land/buildings/estate roads

In 1975, in this land of creeks, made of a compact marl and limestone layer, were identified micro areas particularly suited for the growth of grapes capable of producing very high quality wines: the ronchi.

Three grape varieties are mostly grown in Castelluccio: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.
The Sangiovese, natural expression of this land’s character, is a grape of such generosity and personality that has achieved an important place among the world’s greatest wines.

The second one, Cabernet Sauvignon, at 50% with the Sangiovese of Ronco delle Ginestre vineyards, produces the well known and last born among Castelluccio's red wines: Massicone, making it an unique and peculiar wine.

Finally the Sauvignon Blanc, that is not a native grape, but that precisely here in Castelluccio has expressed unique features, never shown elsewhere.

Modigliana, January 2014
Alessandro Fiore · San Gimignano (Siena)